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Why Accounting Service Schmidtchen?
We are Accounting-experts, therefore we are able to do your bookkeeping (Buchen laufender Geschäftsvorfälle/ Laufende Lohnabrechnungen) competent, reliably and economically priced. We also have got experience with english-speaking clients! Don't hesitate to get in contact with us!

We offer:

Bokkeeping (Buchen laufender Geschäftsvorfälle)

  • Accounting (Buchen laufender Geschäftsvorfälle)
  • Management analysis
  • Cost Accounting
  • Further business services on enquiry
Payroll Accounting (Laufende Lohnabrechnungen)
  • Monthly payroll (Laufende Lohnabrechnungen)
  • Statements of contribution paid
  • Wage-tax notification
  • Further business services on enquiry


  • Advice on business start-up
  • Advice on subsidies
  • Further business services on enquiry

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